MAcharts 4.0.1 Released – No More Custom Exports!!

Today using MAcharts just got a whole lot easier.  Through the gracious help of the technology staff at the NWMLS, we are now able to use the ‘Full’ export from the standard list of exports available within Matrix.

MAcharts will still provide all the same statistics just in a much easier to use manner that requires no technical setup at all.  Just install the program, run it and import data directly from a prepared NWMLS export.

As of today, we are discontinuing development of the previous editions of MACharts, and moving exclusively to one version of that supports this newly updated Full export.

Current paid users can still continue to use MACharts Enhanced with their existing custom export through the expiration of their license, or they can download and install this new version and we’ll provide a 30 day extension of their existing license.  Just write a quick note about being an existing user so we can check the records and properly extend your license renewal.

So go ahead and visit the download page, and download the latest greatest version of MAcharts.

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Enhanced Edition Update

Hello MACharts users.  I’ve just made a couple minor updates to MACharts to fix bugs, including one that hides the first Active listing on the CMA Report.

You’ll want to download and install the latest version when you have time.

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Standard Edition Retired…

Hello MA Charts users… today we are retiring Standard edition.  Initially, we created Standard Edition for those users who didn’t want to create a custom export however, as we’ve continued to develop the tool it’s become difficult to manage two different products with such different capabilities.

For those with Standard licenses, we’ll continue to honor your license and provide support through it’s expiration, however we won’t be adding features.

This change will allow us to focus our time and efforts on continuing to support and improve the Enhanced edition.


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Newest Updates For Enhanced

Development continues to move forward on the Enhanced Edition – version 3.5.3 is now online and features:

* New pond graphics.

* Newly organized buttons for trenddlines.

* New Hash Mark options (allows you add/delete hash marks easily).

* Automatic CMA Report footnote reference for periodic update function.

* Minor bug fixes.

Download and install the latest version to get these new features and updates.

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New Updates For Enhanced

We’ve been continuing to enhance the Enhanced version… today’s update (3.2.2) includes a Net Sheet so you can easily estimate the value of a subject property and provide net proceeds estimates for clients without using a separate spreadsheet or tool.

You’ll find a new area in the Variables tab to enter the data for the net sheet into and the rest will be automatically calculated.

Let me know what you think through comments or emailing.

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More Tweaks For Standard & Enhanced

A few more developments for Standard & Enhanced including:

  • Price Zone Buttons – adds a price zone to Market Price Trend charts.
  • Number of Listings for each section of CMA Report and for Total Report.
  • A couple bug fixes.

Download and install the latest version here.


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Updates For Standard & Enhanced (April 20, 2011)

A few minor updates were made to both versions of the software today to address a couple of user bugs reported.

Now the Standard Edition should use the same blue background screen for the Variables tab, and has a few bugs fixed.

The Enhanced Edition has had the periodic update highlighting bug fixed for Excel 2007.

Download and install the latest versions here.

FYI.. early users may need a new activation code for updates occurring after 4/18.  Please email and we’ll reissue at no cost.

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MA Charts Enhanced Edition Released

We’re releasing the Enhanced Edition of MACharts today.  The enhanced edition builds on the Standard with new robust reporting and time saving features, including:

Distressed Property Reporting
Quickly show which properties in a CMA are short sales and banked owned, and see their impact on the market.

Periodic Update Feature
For brokers updating CMAs or wanting to focus on attention on the most recent activity, you can use the periodic update feature that automatically highlights listings with activity after a specified date or time range.

Easier Printing & Save To PDF Feature
The printing module has been improved so you may select specific charts you want to print.  In addition, users of Excel 2010 can save to PDF – and users of Excel 2007 can save to PDF by downloading and installing a quick Microsoft Update.

Highlight Favorites In Charts
Now you turn on and off the ability to highlight your favorite/most comparable listings in the CMA charts.

Improved Trendlines
We’ve refined the trendlines, and added a manual trendline for situations where the market sample sizes are too low for property statistical analysis.


The new Enhanced Edition has a starting price of $100 for a year long license, and requires that the user set up a custom export within the NWMLS.  If required, we can provide a service/support call to help you set up this custom export.

Please contact us with any questions, or visit the download page to download your trial of the Standard or Enhanced Editions of MACharts.


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Welcome New Users & Visitors

Welcome new users.  MACharts is a tool that provides enhanced charting capabilities for the NWMLS Matrix system.  With this tool you’ll be able to quickly produce a series of charts that will easily explain market conditions and pricing to both Sellers, and Buyers.

The 4 step process is as simple as:

  1. Export
  2. Import
  3. Polish
  4. Print

Visit the download page to download the latest tool and try it for 5 days, or 20 reports.  You can view helpful instructional videos on the “Using MACharts” and “Instructions” pages.  Additionally, you can feel free to post messages in the Forum with your questions about this tool, or contact us directly through the contact us page.

If you like the tool  you can easily purchase it through the website as well.  See the Buy page for more details.

Thanks for visiting!  We hope this tool works well for you.

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Support Forums Added

We’ve now added support forums where you can submit your question, and MACharts users and staff can answer them.

Additionally, there are areas in the forums to share your suggestions for improvements, and discuss how best to use the charts with clients.

Check out the forums here.

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